`Ukulele Hale is a place that enriches the lives of students through a fun, positive, personal experience in a relaxing atmosphere. Founded in 2007 by Jody Kamisato, the Kaimuki studio’s mission is to introduce students to music theory, chords, notes, strumming, picking techniques, rhythm, improvisation, and performance skills.

`Ukulele literally means “jumping flea” in Hawaiian. It doesn’t mean we have fleas in our studio, instead, it refers to how fast the hands of an experienced player can move across the strings when playing the instrument. Created in Hawai`i by Portuguese immigrants who used instruments from their country as a model, making significant changes in its design, the people of Hawai`i quickly adapted this instrument, unique to Hawai`i, as a part of their culture.

The instructors at `Ukulele Hale are just as passionate about the `ukulele as they are about their students. Each instructor strives to instill in every student positive values that will help them grow into happy and confident individuals.